Dining room

Homemade food, celiac menus, temporary diets...

Our dining room is located in the main wing of the school building, at the same level of the central courtyard, so that access to the students is as safe and comfortable as possible, prepared with ramps that facilitate accessibility for children with physical disabilities, fully equipped for the function it performs, preparing meals and providing the corresponding service to all students and staff of the school.

The school lunchroom service runs in different shifts from 12:15 pm to 2:30 pm. This is a service that, in addition to the merely alimentary, fulfills the educational objective of “Learning to Eat” and for this purpose we have specialized teachers and caregivers who are in charge of this task. The school has its own kitchen where a varied and balanced menu is prepared, adapted to the age of the students. We strictly comply with all the hygienic-sanitary guarantees as established by current regulations.


We include menus for celiacs and temporary food diets.