Doctor Basilio Valladares School Laboratory


Last Thursday, October 19, the Colegio Virgen del Mar honored Dr.
Basilio Valladares by naming one of the school laboratories after him.
the College. In this way, they acknowledged the great work of training and promoting
of scientific vocations among students by Dr. Basilio Valladares,
current President of the Fundación Canaria para el Control de las Enfermedades
FUNCCET, and founder of the University Institute of Tropical Diseases and Tropical
Public Health of the Canary Islands.

This event took place as part of the celebration of the Week of the
Science 2023, co-organized by a team of researchers from the Institute
of Tropical Diseases of the Canary Islands and the Department of Science of the Colegio
Virgin of the Sea. The Management Team of this Center, represented by the General Manager
of the Virgen del Mar School, Mr. Manuel Chinea, presented a medallion to Dr. Basilio
Valladares and the unveiling of the plaque that will now give its name to this
laboratory of the Virgen del Mar School, which will be renamed “Laboratorio Escolar
Doctor Basilio Valladares”.

It should be pointed out that Dr. Valladares has been collaborating with
with this center since the 2016 academic year and has carried out various activities for the dissemination of the
science at the Colegio Virgen del Mar.