Gold medal

City of Santa de Tenerife

Colegio Virgen del Mar, Gold Medal of Santa Cruz.

The Mayor of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, José Manuel Bermúdez, presented the Colegio Virgen del Mar with the city’s Gold Medal for Cultural Merit on Wednesday, January 25, 2017 Gold-Holy-Cross Medal-5, coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the creation of the center.

The solemn award ceremony took place in the Plenary Hall of the City Hall. and was attended by various members of the Municipal Corporation and representatives of the educational community of the school, among which were the founding Directors Mrs. María Lola Rodríguez and Mr. Manuel Chinea, the current Director, Mr. Alberto Chinea and the Deputy Director Mr. Alejandro Chinea, as well as the entire teaching staff, administrative staff, students and parents. Also present were the Deputy Minister of Education, Juan Manuel Santana, and the Director General of Personnel of the same Ministry, David Pérez-Dionis.

The mayor stressed during his speech that “what we are awarding today, what we are recognizing today is a job well done; the selfless and unconditional dedication of a community in the formation of three generations of people from Chicharras and the commitment in defense of ethical values based on the pillars of humanism”.

Gold-Holy-Cross-Medal-13The Virgen del Mar School was created by Ministerial Order in 1966 and its opening also coincided with the construction of the so-called satellite town of Santa María del Mar -then belonging to the municipality of El Rosario. The center came to cover the demand for schooling in the new urbanization for four years, although very soon – once the Santa María del Mar public center was built – it expanded its radius of action and underwent a profound methodological and pedagogical change.

In this regard, the mayor assured that “it was precisely at that time when the foundations were laid for which today the school is recognizable and identified as an educational reference”.


Gold-Holy-Cross-Medal-8Bermúdez congratulated the entire educational community of the Colegio Virgen del Mar for the work carried out during all these years, for “forging a future of opportunities for its students and, above all, for forming free, responsible and judicious people“.
For his part, the Director of the Virgen del Mar School, Alberto Chinea, during his speech, thanked the Mayor and the Municipal Corporation for the award and recalled all those who have preceded him in office, “who are the real architects” of the same.

Chinea also said that the Medal is a new challenge for the center and a spur to maintain its commitment to quality education, “with which we intend to train people above all.

The Director shared the award with his colleagues from the teaching staff and the rest of the educational community and highlighted the family character of the school and its continuous commitment to education in values.

The event concluded with the performance of the Municipal Band of Music, interpreting the Canary Islands Anthem and the National Anthem.

Video of the event on the official website of the City Council of Santa Cruz de Tenerife on Youtube.