High School

Sciences and Technology - Humanistic and Social Sciences

The main goals in High School is to:

  1. Provide our students with the training, intellectual maturity, knowledge and skills which will allow them to develop the social skills necessary to join the world of work responsibly and with competence.
  2.  Prepare our students transition to Higher Education.

Technology and industrial creation are a real fact, based on the student’s daily work.

In the compulsory subjects we have between 20 and 25 students, and in the specialist ones there are groups of about ten in each branch.

Our lessons are highly practical, the classrooms have been provided with all the expected requirements, such as the case of the Drawing classroom.

High school prepares students with the training, intellectual and human maturity, knowledge and skills that allow them to develop social roles and engage life and Higher Education responsibly and competently

Our high school branches are: “Science and Technology”, “Humanities” and “Social Science”.

Our high school students have scored excellent results in the tests for University Access, EBAU, getting an average of B grade.

The two keys of our school’s success are small groups and the individual attention provided to our students.

The students participate with their initiatives in the different activities of the Center, such as the Day of Peace.

The Physics, Chemistry and Biology is worked in the laboratories of the School and it is continued in the Higher Center of Scientific Investigations, CSIC.

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