Information and communication technologies


Some years ago our center decided to make a qualitative and quantitative leap in terms of new technologies. To this end, every year we make an effort to provide our classrooms with better resources and to train our teachers, not only to make use of ICT in the development of their classes, but also to promote the use of new technologies among our students and thus make them a basic working tool in the present and in the future.

At Colegio Virgen del Mar the ICT project is integrated with the other projects of the center: Emotional Education, Bilingual Project and Cooperative Learning, because we understand them as an indivisible whole whose objective is the integral development of our students within an educational environment that seeks excellence.

Our ICTS project includes the following objectives:

To promote the use of computers as a work tool in the teaching-learning process, using them actively by the students.

Encourage the use of computer media, facilitating access to this tool by students as a means of support and reinforcement in their learning.

Encourage its use by teachers in their regular tasks at the Center: programs, reports, plans, circulars, regulations, activities, blogs, etc.

Promote communication with other centers and other localities, in order to learn about and transmit social values and respect for other ways of life and customs.

To facilitate the search for information and its critical treatment, as a way of getting to know the Internet world and its possibilities of access to useful information.

Objective for students:

Use programs and environments that facilitate their learning of the different content areas: Mathematics, Language, Knowledge of the Environment, Languages and other subjects, and favor the acquisition of skills, abilities and knowledge of them.

Enhance their communication with other peers in their environment and outside their immediate environment.

Awaken their interest in learning about different things and give them the guidelines to access accurate information. To strengthen their reasoning and their thirst for knowledge.

Use the computer as a means of research to expand knowledge and develop small individual and/or group projects.

To use the computer as a means of creation, integration, cooperation, empowerment of social and spiritual values, and expression of one's ideas.

Objective for teachers:

To use ICT as a means to improve the teaching activity through their use, to take advantage of the information that can be obtained from them, and to improve the pedagogical approach through their use.

Use computers for daily work and classroom activities: schedules, activities, blogs, controls, worksheets, newsletters, information to families, etc.

Know how to consult information through the computer, both on professional topics: competitions, training courses, calls for applications, etc., as well as on topics of interest for their teaching activity.

Exchange experiences, knowledge, activities, and/or participate in debates and educational forums through the Internet.

Encourage forums and exchange, but also the participation of teachers in the creation and evolution of web pages, blogs, tools, programs, and to make known our concerns, ideas and alternatives.


What our families say

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