Lunch room

Homemade food, gluten intolerant menus, etc.

Our lunch room is located in the main building of the school, at the same height of the playground, so it’s access is safe and convenient for students, in addition, ramps have been built for the disabled. The school lunch room is suitable for its purpose: make meals for students and staff and provide a space for them to have lunch comfortably.

The school lunch service is developed in different shifts, from 12.15 to 14.30. Other than its regular purpose, our lunch service also intends to teach our students to eat, which is why we have teachers and other specialized caretakers looking after students during lunch time. The school has a kitchen of its own where varied and balanced meals are made according to the age of the students.  We strictly obey all the hygienic and sanitary regulations to make sure the quality of the service we provide is up to everyone’s standards.


We have gluten intolerant meals and temporary diets.

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