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Construction of mathematical reasoning

Mathematics reap the worst school results, obtain the lowest performances in international evaluations, accumulate the highest negative attitudes towards learning. The teaching approach, distant from the needs of children and alien to their way of constructing knowledge, denaturalizes the evolution of students and their placement in future branches of knowledge. Many people choose certain types of studies, not because they like them or because they are particularly attracted to them, but because they want to avoid mathematics and to avoid having to face a permanent source of frustration.

Where does this problem begin to originate? What is the source that feeds this river of such devastating effects: perhaps in the way calculus is taught in schools.

It is not taught to calculate, but to do the math. We do not develop the innate calculation skills with which we human beings come into the world, but rather learn instructions by heart to do the math.

In this way, the student especially gifted to work with signifiers is the one who can get ahead, and children who will hate a subject that is incomprehensible to them and for which, with a proper methodology, they would be very prepared and very well disposed, are left by the wayside, artificially and without any reason to justify it.

The current calculation methodology contaminates all other processes and spoils them. Neither the renewal of mathematics teaching nor the raising of its learning level is possible without energetically removing and completely changing the teaching of calculus with the current operations.

The accounts have become hopelessly obsolete. The former bank employee, acting as we have just described, would produce in us the same astonishment as a doctor prescribing bicarbonate to cure an ulcer or a bloodletting to lower blood pressure. The tremendous reality of the accounts is this: they are useless. Hours and hours are spent on children learning how to do calculations in a way they will never use, while the procedure they will use regularly throughout their lives is not worked on. This is the way things are.