Peer learning project

In line with the demands of a changing and multicultural society such as the one we are living, and within the framework of our plan for continuous improvement of teaching, since the 2010/2011 academic year we have proposed to implement the “Peer Learning” as a system teaching-learning for all our students.

Most successful current companies are based on the use of cooperative teams as the main productive system, however, these companies indicate that they have to dedicate an important amount of time to the training of their employees because the graduates they hire have deficiencies in their Ability to work in a group. In this sense, we advise the use of this learning system because it emphasizes cooperation, team leadership and the recognition of multiple perspectives.

The term “Peer learning” refers to a group of teaching procedures that start from the organization of the class into small mixed and heterogeneous groups where students work together in a coordinated manner to solve academic tasks and deepen their own learning.

Some of the advantages it has are the following:

It promotes the active involvement of the student in the learning process.

It encourages the ability of groups to increase the level of learning through peer interaction.

It reduces the levels of drop-out. Engagement with the group and therefore with the studies.

It promotes independent and self-directed learning. Also the ability to learn autonomously throughout life.

It promotes the development of the ability to reason critically. Self-evaluation and co-evaluation.

It facilitates the development of the ability to write clearly.

It facilitates the development of oral communication skills, eliminating the fear of speaking in public.

Facilita el desarrollo de la capacidad de comunicación oral, eliminamos el miedo a hablar en público. It increases student satisfaction with the learning experience and promote more positive attitudes toward the subject of study.

It allows the preparation of students as citizens, developing social competence and civic skills.

It allows to develop the leadership capacity.

It prepares students for the current world of work.

It facilitates a greater academic performance in the areas of mathematics, science and technology, since they stop perceiving these subjects as individualistic, impersonal and competitive.

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