Project-based learning


PBL is a knowledge and competence acquisition methodology whose main target is to find answers through active exploration of real-world challenges and problems. In this sense, PBL is all about endowing children with the strategies and tools they will need to solve problems, which is what will make them competent, for it is more practical and interactive then learning things by heart that they can easily find on the Internet on the spot.

This way, some of the benefits of Project-Based Learning are:


  1. Students will learn to be more self-sufficient and responsible, since they are they ones in charge of their own learning.
  2. In order for them to solve a problem, they need to go through certain stages: planning, structuring and product elaboration.
  3. Students further develop their skills, and by putting them to use, they can see their own potential.
  4. Children learn to think and work in a creative and innovative way, thus developing skills such as teamwork, decision-making processes, search of information, etc.
  5. Student are aware of their thoughts, imagination and ideas.
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