From 1st ESO to 4th ESO

The objectives of this important stage are as follows:

Bilingual education throughout the entire stage.

Study of German as a second language with exchange in 2nd year of ESO.

An integral development of the person in its moral, psychological, affective, intellectual and social dimensions.

An education in values.

Special attention to didactics with active, cooperative and personalized methods.

A wide range of complementary and extracurricular activities that enrich our Educational Project.

Special attention to diversity.

Personalized tutoring and guidance.

Contact with diverse realities through complementary activities, study trips, etc.

Special attention to sports and artistic activities.

Guidance department to support students, teachers and parents.

Emotional Education as transversal to all areas.

This is how we learn


What our families say

I have been studying at the school for 15 years and after my experience I can say that it is both a family and a professional school. They help you on your way and always look for the best for your professional future.

Colegio Virgen del Mar is where our children not only learn, enjoy and share their experiences, but also learn values such as teamwork, learning and sharing their sports hobbies. Always with the attention they need without neglecting them from preschool to sixth form.

We have had a wonderful experience with our children in which we have instilled in them above all values and respect for others. It is an innovative school. that offers us a bilingual program and project. Special mention to all the staff that make up the team, for the approach and affection they have shown us from the first minute.

From the first day we have had very good communication with the administration department of the center, as well as with the teachers and the management. They have always been very open to dialogue.

The teachers are so close to you that you don't hesitate for a second to ask them for advice, I am grateful to have been able to grow up here.